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PLENA Definition: Full, Total from classical Latin PLĒNUS

When you work with Plena Social you get a chief Marketing officer (CMO) not just a digital sales agency selling this months' promotion - with no care about its value to your business.  We deliver where others fail - on the results!

Our Story

Plena Social was founded on the principles of connection and community. Nurturing communities, building partnerships and creating relationships forged on the sharing of knowledge and customer excellence. At Plena Social we value your business as much as you do and strive to be your partner in business. We aim to provide excellence of service to not only our business partners but to our communities as well. Our 30/70 community initiative is focused on the small businesses that do not have the resources to pay for a digital marketing agency but are striving to make their place in the community and earn a living for their families. Through every purchase that is made we donate time back to our community initiative and focus it in the area that you call home. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.

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Our Vision & Mission

We believe that information should be readily available and easy to share. We believe that every business has the potential to succeed.Our mission is to become your partner in business providing solutions for continual business growth and customer experience.


Mike Kwal

JAB, JAB, JAB - Community outreach and engagement is my thing. You're in a people based business, and I'm a people based person.

I love forging connections with people and showing them what is possible. Removing the stigma that marketing is just for large corporations and making it available to everyone.

Your local business is meant for something big, and it starts, right here.

Want more local search traffic?

You need to KNOW (WHERE) People ARE looking for you and BE (THERE) to grab (THEIR) attention. Our Local Search and Business growth programs are designed to make sure you grow your local business by working (ON) your business and not (IN) your business.

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