Starting the day – Disciplined & Accountable

Starting the day – Disciplined & Accountable 

How often have you rushed through your morning, felt frazzled by noon and hit a wall by early afternoon?

Have you ever considered that how you start today is a reflection to how you ended yesterday?  Did you lay your head on your pillow last night filled with immense gratitude for everything that you have accomplished?  For the people that you shared your love with and for your ability to do the things that you are able to do.

Or did you throw yourself into bed exhausted at the chaos that was your day only to find yourself unable to fall asleep.  Yesterday, you had started your day by hitting the snooze button so many times that you were late for your first appointment, forget even being able to have any sort of a morning self-care routine.  You rush to the office not sure what the day has in store for you because you haven’t taken the time to plan out your week.  Once you arrive at the office you find out that you forgot that you had a project due and end up having to work through lunch.  By 3pm you’re ready to fall asleep at your desk but you still have several hours to go in order to finish your now late project. So you find yourself just grabbing another cup of coffee and a stale donut that you find in the kitchen fridge.  By the time you deliver your project to your boss you are practically running out the door because it is already late and you completely forgot that you had promised your partner a romantic dinner for just the two of you.  You get home to cold leftovers in the fridge which you devour because you haven’t eaten all day, then sit in front of the TV to “calm” your mind.  Crashing into bed exhausted but not able to fall asleep.

In my prior corporate life and now my entrepreneurial life I discovered the power of having really great energetic, productive and intentional routines to help set my day for success and ensure I have the most productive days possible.

By incorporating routines into my days, I am able to structure my personal and business life more intentionally.  By beginning and ending my personal life as positively as possible I transfer through that energy into my business life.

Discipline is not a compartmentalized trait but rather one that ebbs and flows through our lives.

Meaning that the discipline that we adopt for ourselves and our own wellbeing within our personal lives naturally transfers to our professional lives.

When we are in a negative low energy state, not holding ourselves accountable and jumping from one shiny object to another we transfer those emotions through to every other area of our life.

When we are in a state of high energy, feeling healthful and have inspiring/accountable routines then that energy transfers through to our personal and professional life as well as those surrounding us.  We will naturally have improved clarity to articulate our visions and goals.  Improved energy to realize those visions and goals.  And better ability to lead those in our care.

So, if you are trying to improve your personal & professional life, my suggestion is ensuring your priorities align to what actually matters to move the needle ahead.

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