The Breakthroughs behind the future of search

In the latest version of the Google Search App for iOS and Android, not only allows you to ask your question out loud, but the search app can vocalize your answer right back to you. Plus using Google’s Knowledge Graph, your search app will give you more accurate answers loudly and clearly. The Knowledge Graph was created to improve the entire search engine experience.

Use the Knowledge Graph to get a better grasp on how people are searching for information.

How the Knowledge Graph Works

Explore your search in depth

With a carousel at the top of the results page, you will now get a more complete picture of the topic you are inquiring into. Explore collections from the Knowledge Graph and browse lists of related items that will help you research a specific topic faster and more in depth than you ever could in a traditional search.

Zoom into the right thing, faster.

Language can be ambiguous—do you mean Rio the city, the movie, or the casino? With the Knowledge Graph, Google now understand the difference between each word which helps you more precisely express what you actually meant when you entered your search. This is more than just translation. The Knowledge Graph needs to account for different meanings of the same word. For example “football” means something quite different in the U.S. than it does in Europe. Knowledge Graph also needs to recognize what's most important in a particular region. The graph now covers 570 million entities, and 18 billion facts and connections. There are also about three times as many queries globally then there was when it was first launched it.

Get the answers no matter what platform you are using.

Information from the Knowledge Graph is readily available on your desktop, tablet, as well as your smartphone. So wherever and whenever you choose to search on Google, you’ll find the answers you want are waiting at your fingertips.

The next step is learning how the Knowledge Graph can improve your own search ranking.

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