Tips on How to Convert a User to Fan using Suggested Posts

For the past couple of months, Facebook has been testing a new advertising feature called “Suggested Posts.” For advertisers, the feature is considered to be a homerun. For many Facebook users, the reaction has unfortunately been quite the opposite. Since they received both hot and cold responses, Facebook is waiting to do a full feature rollout. Until an announcement is made otherwise, be prepared to start see more Suggested Posts in your News Feed. The reason advertisers prefer Suggested Posts is the same reason Facebook users are issuing complaints. Unlike Sponsored Stories, Suggested Posts do not require a user or a user’s Facebook friend to interact with a post to be featured in the News Feed. Posts labeled as sponsored from Facebook brand Pages that users have no real connection can show up in their News Feeds. For advertisers, Suggested Posts are a powerful tool since they are designed to open up their posts to significantly more users. Instead of only being able to target ads to Facebook fans and the friends of fans, now all 1,000,000,000+ active Facebook users can be targeted based on demographic information like their interests, education, gender, and age. As big of an opportunity as it is for companies looking to market themselves, many Facebook users are upset with the breach of privacy.

Show Facebook the value in keeping Suggested Post before it is reconsidered. Tips to convert a user into a fan using Suggested Post:

  1. Your Facebook ads should blend in. It’s best to choose an image that will compliment other News Feed content. Use an image that is interesting and not too doctored up or manipulated to look like an ad. A cropped infographic, or an image relating to a current event or internet meme are good examples.
  2. Be respectful of the News Feed: A brand’s Suggested Post is occupying a valuable piece of News Feed real estate. Treat it that way. Purchase a Facebook ad and be serious and focused about what you expect in return. If you want more Likes, don’t be afraid to include a call to action in the post that suggests that users Like your Page, just make sure to include a compelling reason why they should.
  3. Consider reach: Because Suggested Posts allow you to target a larger audience, you need a different approach. When you are reaching a larger audience, for most of the users that see your Sponsored Posts, it will be their first introduction to your brand. It is very similar to cold call marketing. Create an eye-catching, inviting Sponsored Post that makes the right first impression.
  4. Use the right ad copy: News Feed space is very valuable, so practice word economy. People who have never heard of your brand are not going to spend that much time looking at your ad, so be concise and drive home your point home. Make sure it creates interest and offers a sense of value to the reader.

Convert more fans and expand your reach by taking advantage of Suggested Posts.

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