Watch Your Link Acquisition Velocity

Link velocity is often described simply as the speed at which you add incoming links to your website. In reality the simple description of link velocity is accurate, but it doesn’t account for the whole picture. The most important factor in ranking your website high in the search engines is backlinks and a consistently high link velocity will get you where you need to be faster. Link acquisition velocity is constantly fluctuating and periods of higher link acquisition or lower link acquisition are to be expected. For example, if your site posts a controversial article, the number of new links may suddenly significantly increase. Then once the excitement has died down, your link velocity will return to the normal rate. Google is interested in aberrant link velocity rates. That is, link velocity rates that are much higher than the normalized link velocity rate of the site. If there is no strategy behind your link velocity, Google will investigate.  

It is time to focus on consistent and powerful link velocity. Here are some proven methods for building consistent link velocity: Currently Not Ranked in the Top 200 When you are not ranked for your top three keywords then it is time to let the search engines know you are serious about targeting users searching for your keywords and delivering them relevant content that assists them on their way.

Action Items:

  • Create and publish unique SEO content containing real value for those searching for your given keywords on your site.
  • Plan an aggressive link building campaign targeting those keywords and driving traffic to your content.
  • Work on building trustworthy and relevant links
  • Plan a three month schedule to maintain the search engine rankings you achieve. Currently Not Ranked in the Top 100, but Not Top 10 If you have just made it to top 100 keep building with your current link velocity until your site stabilizes in the rankings. If you have been stuck in the top 100 for a while it’s time to kick up the link velocity and really work on achieving the following action items.

Action Items:

  • Increase your link velocity by 50-100% and keep building. If you were building 100 links a month, then increase your link velocity to 150 or 200 backlinks per month.
  • If you have been stuck in the same position, a big initial effort, something like 300% of your monthly average will give your progression up the ranks a little boost.
  • Once you see positive movement, maintain your link velocity until you reach the top 10. Currently Ranked in Top 10, but Not In Top 3 Congratulations, you made it onto page 1! You should be seeing an increase in traffic, leads, and sales. Now it’s time to put in the extra work needed to get into the coveted top 3.

Action Items:

  • Publish more unique, optimized content. All the link velocity in the world won’t get you in the top 3 unless your page delivers the keywords searchers are using.
  • Increase your link velocity by up to 50% for each piece of new unique content you publish. If you were building 200 backlinks a month to your site before, then build an additional 100 backlinks to your new content.

Currently Ranked in the Top 3 Wow, you made it to the elite top 3! It’s been a lot of hard work, but now is not the time to take a break. You must have done something right to get there and it is time to maintain your top search engine rankings, so you keep the high traffic you have earned.

Action Items:

  • Maintain the same link velocity for at least one month once you achieve the top 3.
  • Once you stabilize your top rankings we suggest reducing your link velocity in half.
  • Monitor your rank weekly and adjust your link velocity accordingly. If you experience a small decrease in ranking counter it with a small increase in link velocity and vice versa.

Make sure your link velocity is helping to boost your ranking!

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