Why do Some SEO Efforts Fail?

SEO is a skill. It takes experience and a great deal of knowledge to guarantee success. Many businesses hire professional SEO companies to manage their campaigns because they have the expertise to generate the results they want.

Unfortunately, SEO can fail even when you invest in an expert. The companies that hired them will immediately point the blame at the SEO professional and assume their efforts were wasted. Although, they are the ones essentially responsible for making sure that everything they do boosts a company’s rankings, most of the time they don’t have full control.

Who is really responsible when SEO fails?

It is important to first determine the cause of the SEO failure before trying to assign blame. There are many factors in play that can prevent a SEO expert for implementing their complete agenda. Often times it is the client who failed to approve certain strategies or even worse, cancelled the efforts before it reached its peak. SEO can even fail due to unexpected algorithm updates or spam from competitors

Here are several scenarios that could cause SEO to fail:

The Client is Responsible

Of course, the client is always right and SEO professional should never directly blame them for any SEO failures. Clients should be involved in the campaign planning, but it is crucial that they trust in the advice given to them by the experienced professional.

Sometimes an SEO provider will make certain recommendations on how to optimize the website and the client will choose not to follow their advice. Occasionally the client will even make changes to certain keywords or content that was created by the SEO expert specifically to improve a company’s search engine ranking.

Too much involvement by an uninformed client can lead to failure, as well as not enough involvement. The SEO expert understands how to optimize a website for better search engine results, but they are not experts on their client’s business. They need to tap into the client’s industry knowledge to make sure their SEO campaign is catered specifically to their needs. There can be SEO failure because the client wasn’t a willing participant in the campaign development process.

Another unfortunate mistake client’s make that can lead affect results in stopping the SEO efforts before they see results. Many clients are too impatient to give it enough time to really work. Success won’t happen instantly and it is important that the client waits for the entire campaign to be implemented before judging the outcome.

Search Engines are Responsible

Some SEO campaigns will fail simply because the search engines are getting stricter. They want to improve the search results for the end user, so they are constantly searching for people trying to scam the system. An SEO professional could be doing everything right, but all their work is destroyed the moment Google introduces a new algorithm update like Panda or Penguin.

The rules search engines establish are constantly change because many people don’t play by the rules. Another cause of SEO failure is negative SEO attacks from competitors or spam websites that are trying to force you back down the rankings.

The SEO Expert is Responsible

The SEO provider is ultimately the one responsible for the campaign and there are many things that could go wrong with their campaign. Hopefully, the SEO expert belongs to a reputable business that is up-to-date on all of the current strategies instead of relying on black hat tricks like keyword stuffing, cloaking, or duplicate content. Google will punish websites that try to fool their system. SEO Experts can also fail due to lack of communication or by offering over-zealous guarantees like promising the number one ranking on Google. They need to work with the client to make sure everyone has the same expectations and that they understand what it will take to drive their site towards the top.

There are many different reasons why an SEO expert might not deliver what they should, which is why it is critical that businesses hire SEO professionals with proven track records. Just remember, if your SEO efforts are not living up to your expectations, don’t immediately lay blame on the SEO expert. Find out the root cause and create a plan to turn it around before your ranking drops right off the page.

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